I haven’t begun to process the week here in Uganda. But I can tell you that there is hope here. There is a great faith here. Faith-based ministry has an entirely different meaning here than it does in the US. In the US, it means that a religion is attached to the ministry. Here it means that the people are truly living by faith and are dependent on Him for every single need. The staff here says we have blessed them. I say they have blessed us. We have seen what it means to live by faith, to worship Him freely, to open hearts toward strangers, to love deeply, to be united. We have heard an amazing testimony of how God began the ministry here, how He began the Pillars of Hope ministry, how He began the Sangaalo ministry. Each of these are carrying out the command to love others as yourself, to care for the widows and the orphans, and to make disciples. We are just a small part of that ongoing work. The body was designed to work together. We didn’t come to take over or to do for them. We came to come alongside where God is already working and join Him there and to be the body and to do the work of the body: encouraging and literally working with them right where they are.

I love how God works. We were asked to share tonight at the Buziika Full Gospel Church. Each of us got up and shared scripture and from our heart. At the end of the service, the pastor weaved all our scripture together to reiterate what we each shared. Not only that, a man accepted Christ as his savior, which is the most important thing!

Pillars of Hope

What a blessing today to visit the ministry of Florence and Godfrey. Not only do they have a small baby home, they support several widows in their area. We drove about 3 hours this morning toward Kenya. We really weren’t all that far from the border. Initially, the babies were scared of us, but a few warmed up to us and we were able to play with and hold them. We had a simple lunch of beef, rice, and beans and then had s time of sweet fellowship with Florence and Godfrey and learned more of their story of how their relationship began and how they started their ministry.


How can it be Tuesday already? The time here flies and stands still all at the same time. Yesterday and today we went to the schools that Canaan runs and did a Bible study. Yesterday afternoon, we joined the staff of the home and schools in an encouragement meeting. They gathered around 3 to pray and sing. We joined them around 4 to tell a little about ourselves and give them a bit of encouragement. There is such a sweet spirit here.

This afternoon we got to go to the Sangaalo baby home and hold sweet babies. Sangaalo means joy. The lady who runs the home loves babies and loves taking care of them. Several of them are HIV positive.

Pray for the ministries here. Pray that God will provide the things the people here need. Pray for strength to carry on because many of the staff have other projects going on such as brick making and raising chickens.


This morning we attended Jinja Full Gospel Church. What an experience. The service was in English and Lugandan. The music was incredible. Our group was asked to teach Sunday School to the different ages. I was with Betsy with the youngest children. Our assigned area was under a tree. The kids were very attentive. The sermon was on giving thanks and had elements of covenant, which went along with the Bible study we did before coming.

**Pictures are taking a long time to load, so I’ll probably just do a pic dump when we get home.


The five of us who are flying through Detroit have arrived. The next flight is to Amsterdam.