Welcome to First Lyman.org!!

Thanks for visiting First Lyman online. I’m confident you’ll find the information you’re looking for as you navigate the site.  However, what you’re really looking for can only be experienced in person.  It’s a pretty safe assumption that you want a church that preaches God’s Word without compromise.  You’re looking for a church where you can worship through music, music not defined by style or preference, but Spirit-filled music based upon sound doctrine and theology.  You’re certainly looking for a church where you can experience authentic fellowship, not just another social engagement.


Well, to find these things, you need to join us for worship and Sunday School. Yes, we still have Sunday School.  Why?  Because, Sunday School is where the church becomes more intimate and intentional in carrying out the purpose of prayer, ministry, encouragement and study of God’s Word.  I hope you’ll come and join us this Sunday.  Let me know when you come, my wife and I would love to meet you! - Pastor Scott Stancil









Experience Worship

sunday school-9:45 am
worship-11:00 am
evening fellowship-5:30 pm
evening worship-6:00 pm

fellowship meal-5:20 pm
children's missions-6:00 pm
praise & prayer-6:00 pm
SPLASH-6:00 pm
adult choir-7:10 pm